Monday, August 27, 2012

Room Planner

This last week I moved back to the University for another school year.  I moved to a new apartment complex, and my bedroom is so much smaller than my last one.  I am still in the middle of arranging my furniture just right.  My room came with a twin bed and chest of drawers.  I brought up a little table I inherited from my grandmother.  It is very similar to the one in the picture below, but a bit more ornate.

The one thing I'd really like is a desk.  My apartment came with one desk, but it's huge and not in very good condition.  We're keeping it in our living room for now.  There is one desk I want very much from Ikea: 

It would be a tight squeeze, but I think I could manage to fit it in my room.

My problem is I have a hard time figuring out where to place things where they'd fit.  Luckily, RC Willey has a room planner that comes in quite nicely.  You can put in your room dimensions and fit in furniture at will.  The nice thing is that, while they do have their furniture you can add in, they also have generic furniture outlines that can be personalized with your own furniture dimensions.

Here is the start window when configuring your room layout.  You can enter your room's measurements at the start, change it as you go, or use their layouts.

Then you can choose a category for furniture, structure, etc. and add furniture, rugs, lamps, or even add walls.

  And here is my diagram (minus the open closet and window) of my new room:

Good luck planning your room!


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