Saturday, September 10, 2011

Here's Your Sign

I recently moved back to college for a second Bachelor's.  Yes, I know, I am crazy.  But so far I am loving it.

Anyway, my apartment has very little decor in it.  Red carpet, blue-ish sofa, horrible, torn-up chairs.  Your basic college apartment.  So I've been scouring the internet and stores for ways to spruce up the walls a little.  One of my favorite rooms is the kitchen, seeing as I love to cook.  And most of my roommates admit to not being much of a cook.  And then I found a great inspirational quote for the kitchen and ordered it on Etsy from It's Written on the Wall.

Problem was, I liked the quote, and vinyl quotes generally cannot be reused.  So I looked and looked for some kind of sign to put the quote on, and found this tutorial.

I got a 20x24 canvas from Hobby Lobby, a small can of spray paint, and some sponge brushes for my mod podge.  I laid out the canvas on some newspaper on the kitchen floor (It's been threatening to rain, so I opened up the windows to let fresh air in).  Surprisingly, the paint dried pretty quickly.  As did the mod podge.  The vinyl was tricky to get on it, but once I figured it out it was fast work.  And here is the finished product:

Forgive the quality of the picture; it was taken with my cell.

Surprisingly, not only does the paint match the one in the above linked tutorial, but it also matches the doors in the apartment perfectly.

I'm pretty happy with it!

Thursday, September 8, 2011

Christmas Ornaments

I have been meaning to post this for quite some time now, but was unable to due to various computer issues.  So here's my latest finished craft!

I love Bath and Body Works.  It's like an addiction for me.  A few years ago around Christmas, I was changing the bulbs in my wallflowers, and go to thinking that they are a bit of a waste.  Everywhere you look now, people are talking about recycling and reusing products.  I came up with this fabulous idea, and it has now taken me roughly 2 1/2 years to complete.

Christmas Light Bulbs!!!


Wallflower bulbs and lids (You choose how many.  I think 1 or 2 dozen is great).
Silver Ribbon (1 spool is enough for about 15 bulbs).
Spray Paint Primer
Silver or Gold Spray Paint
Pencil or Pen
Power Drill and bits for plastic
Masking Tape

First you need to make sure your bulbs are completely dried up--The oil strips the tinsel of its color.

With a pair of pliers, grab the wick like so, hold the bulb with your other hand, and pull out the wick.

Hopefully the wick and plastic ring around it will come out together.  If not, just pull out the ring with your pliers. 

Get your tinsel, and cut 2-3 inches (about the length of the bulb).

Carefully stuff the bulb with your tinsel.  I use a thin pen or pencil to help guide it in.


I forgot to get a picture of this next step.  Drill a hole into the top of the lids, using a bit a little smaller than the tip of the lid.

Next, take your lids outside, along with plenty of newspaper, masking tape, spray primer, and spray paint.  Lay out your newspaper and tape the edges down to prevent the corners from flying up and knocking over your lids as they dry.  Coat your lids with primer, which will help the paint stick and coat more evenly.  Let it dry completely, at least 3 hours.  Then spray your lids with your paint.  I used Krylon Metallic Silver Foil.  Be sure to set this up and spray in a clear area.  The paint particles float around for a while, and you definitely don't want them getting near your car.  Let the paint dry completely, and apply more coats of paint as needed.

Close up:

When they are dry, it's time to thread them with your ribbon.  I liked this ribbon because it looked like the wiring for Christmas lights. Thread your needle and pull the ribbon up from inside the lid, pulling it out the top.

Then thread the needle back down the hole...

And make sure you hold your pen or pencil through the loop to make sure it doesn't fall through.

Tie a knot in your ribbon, making sure it's big enough to not go through your hole.

 Screw on your lid, and you are done! 

Don't they look amazing?!  I think they'll look perfect on the tree this Christmas.